Being a Member of HHIMLS is being a part of something very special

The MLS is a community of real estate professionals that work together to make real estate transactions happen, using shared information and rules to which they all agree.

The members of HHIMLS generated over $4 Billion in property sales last year—a remarkable achievement.

These transactions happened faster, with more clarity and less conflict, because of the MLS system.

Working in real estate is rewarding, but also demanding. You will worry about deals, clients, deadlines, and an abundance of details. The MLS exists so you don’t have to worry about a few important things.

In important ways, the MLS makes the real estate market work.

Full Membership

Real Estate Brokerage or Appraisal Firm

Associate Membership

Brokers, Agents, Appraisers

Non-Licensed Sales Assistant

Employees of Real Estate Brokerages
or Appraisal Firms


Affiliate Membership

Property Management Companies, Mortgage Brokers
Insurance companies, or Home Inspectors

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